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In the small township of Glenrowan in North East Victoria, lives a very unique tourist attraction Kellyland Glenrowan. Housed inside is a range of displays depicting the story of Ned Kelly and his gang, books, souvenirs and gifts.

Many pieces relating to the Kelly story have been displayed together. These include many Victorian police artefacts from 1853-1880s, Sargent Kennedys hitching post, Ned Kelly’s death mask, original wanted posters and many other rare photographs, original artworks ect.

The show consists of five elaborate sets dressed in the style of the 1880s....

Spectators begin in the abandoned waiting rooms of the Old Melbourne Railway Station where the hooded narrator invites you to take a journey in time back to 1880. As he speaks, rain drizzles down the window pane, lightning strikes and thunder roars. His face becomes younger as we are transported back to Melbourne, 1880. A fire springs from the grate and our attention is now focused on local police. We are on a simulated train being sent from Melbourne to apprehend the elusive Kelly gang, wanted for robbery and murder.

As the train whistles north towards Benalla, the hooded narrator reappears and sends you through swinging doors into an imaginative re creation of the Glenrowan Inn, where the Kelly Gang detained sixty two frightened people, after removing a section of track to derail the police train. Here the animatronics steal the show. A laughing lad perched in the rafters, a bush band playing the Wild Colonial Boy that have audiences humming along, a rat darts across the bar, publican Ann Jones pours a beer, a pistol fired and much more excitement. Ned addresses the audience about the injustices, including the jailing of his mother and young brother that forced him into lawlessness. “What man with any guts could stand aside...” Ned warns of the terror that is near.

Into the daylight to stand on the platform of the Glenrowan Station where the police train has arrived after being flagged down before the broken track. Heavily armed police squads had taken up positions surrounding a model of the Hotel exterior meters away, with the Kelly gang dressed in their crudely, homemade, bullet proof armour. A spectacular scene, with no expense spared to detail. Police then set fire to the hotel, the Kelly Gang is no more. The audience then finds themselves within the burnt remains of the Inn.

After a few frights and surprises the final scene is witnessing Ned’s final moments in the Old Melbourne Gaol “Ah well, such is life”.

Finish off in our fabulous new museum section of the centre. A wonderfully entertaining, unique tourist attraction.
Ticket Purchases

Ticket Purchases


Kellyland Glenrowan Tickets are purchased on the day from the main counter for individuals, families, and small groups. There is no need to pre book and we currently do not have online ticket sales so it's in store only ticket sales for now. Tickets for large groups (20 or more people) will need to be booked 2 weeks in advance by either calling or emailing Kellyland Glenrowan. Thank you for all the enquiries.

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Being the original museum in Glenrowan established in 1973, you’ll find many original Kelly artefacts on display here. Highlights include a large collection of original photographs relating to the Kelly story, Ned’s death mask, Sergeant Kennedy’s hitching post, wanted posters, Australian Sketcher newspapers, a large collection of Victorian police items, antiques and the list goes on.

Animatronic Show

The main attraction and highlight at Kellyland Glenrowan is the re-enactment of Ned Kelly's last stand. Using the brilliance of animatronics and special effects you are magically transported back to June 28th 1880 where you travel with the Police towards Beechworth. You'll then be held captive in the Glenrowan Inn by the Kelly Gang, before baring witness to Australia's most famous gunfight. You'll experience the heat and smoke in the burning Inn, and end up in the Old Melbourne Gaol to where you'll share Ned's final moments. Shows run for 40 minutes.


Here you’ll find all your unique Ned Kelly, Glenrowan and Australian themed gifts and souvenirs. From books written by local historians, Jacaru hats, handmade helmets and armour, mugs, signs, magnets and much more. You'll also find quality Spanish made replica firearms from pre 1900.

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Adults $32.00
Concession (Pensioner, Student, etc.) $30.00
Children (5 - 15yrs) $23.00
Children Under 5 No Charge


2 Adults and 1 Child $83.00
2 Adults & 2 Children $102.00
2 Adults & 3 Children $124.00
2 Adults & 4 Children $135.00
Children Under 5 No Charge

NOTE: Standard and family tickets can be purchased from the front counter at Kellyland Glenrowan on the day. There is no need to pre purchase or pre book for you preferred times.


Group booking need to be booked 2 weeks ahead to receive the group booking discount

20 plus people $20.00 per Head
10 to 20 people $25.00 per Head
5 to 10 Adults $30.00 per Head

Primary Schools $15.00 per Head

  • 41 Gladstone Street, Glenrowan Victoria, Australia